Training & Safety

ICC is committed to providing management personnel a thorough indoctrination and training in the company culture, methods, operations, policies, and procedures. During initial orientation, emphasis is placed on teaching our business philosophy and providing information about our company and its workings. Only then do we discuss the specific duties of that particular management position.

​For all employees, training topics include Safety, Cleaning Procedures, Client/Crew Relations, Administration, Accident Prevention, Tracking Systems, Chemical Usage, GHS Compliance, and Equipment Maintenance and Repair. We believe providing a solid foundation is the key ingredient in developing a strong and dedicated professional for our company.



Effectively tracking task assignments and work completion is paramount in today's fast paced business environment. We track quality performance, monitor project costs, measure results, and provide feedback to our key managers. Among the tools we use are Quality Control inspections and reports, proprietary Project Planning tools, and internal Budget Tracking Reports. When helpful, a customized CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) is implemented to plan and track the execution of routine or special tasks.


Liability Awareness

Our employees, from top to bottom, are trained to focus on creating a safe environment, both for our client's employees/customers and for their fellow employees. This focus not only creates a safer environment for all but reduces cost for our clients.


​Customer Service

When you have ICC not only do you get a focused business partner but a company who believes in "value added" procedures. We train our people to be "ambassadors" for you to create a helpful and customer friendly experience and an environment they will remember.

​Employee Safety

​Employee safety has been, and will continue to be, high on our list of company priorities. We are committed to provide a safe environment for our employees, our clients and their customers. We have developed a proprietary portering process to ensure the safety of all in the properties we clean. All levels of ICC management are involved in this pursuit and we insist on safe work practices.

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