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Interstate Cleaning Corporation is a leading national janitorial and maintenance company servicing shopping centers, lifestyle centers, upscale specialty retail stores, national department stores, commercial office buildings and other venues nationwide.



National shopping center owners and third-party property management companies rely upon ICC.


This growing trend in the shopping center industry requires a creative and forward-thinking contractor.


National high-end retailers use our company’s services to help maintain their brand equity.


Since 1984 ICC has helped address the changing requirements of our department store clients.


Our company provides nightly cleaning and maintenance cleaning at Class A properties across the country.


We provide targeted value added performance in support of regional goals.


ICC has cost-effective solutions for all your cleaning and maintenance challenges.


We are known for delivering a consistent and high quality service nationwide.


These institutions have a focused interest in making sure their students and faculty have a clean environment to live and work in.


It is our view maximum productivity goes hand in hand with a clean working environment.


ICC has extensive experience with high-rise condominiums, Universities and more!

Trusted for over
35 years

We attribute our success to attracting and retaining top level management who strive to be the best every day, and a strong company culture that retains professionals at all levels. Focus - Execute - Deliver, this is our way! Learn more about our markets.


What Our Clients Say:

“I have worked with Mike and John for 20 years (or Interstate Cleaning Corporation ) and really appreciate their honesty and professionalism . They are very responsive to my needs. Also, ICC has been servicing our property since 1988 and we are fortunate to have our same managers since that date – great service and historical knowledge of the property.”

- Joan

"Interstate Cleaning Corporation has been working with myself and our company for over 16 years.  They have serviced one of our properties for over 35 years.  John and Mike have been honest, fair, understanding and responsive in all of our needs.  Their professionalism is the best in the industry.  Our properties are very high profile so we set our standards very high and Interstate Cleaning exceeds those standards."

 - Ralph P.

Training & Safety

ICC is committed to providing management personnel a thorough indoctrination and training in the company culture, methods, operations, policies, and procedures. During initial orientation, emphasis is placed on teaching our business philosophy and providing information about our company and its workings. Only then do we discuss the specific duties of that particular management position.

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